Trinity Stoughton offers Godly Play, a Montessori-based approach to teaching Children about God and faith. Led by our Godly Play Coordinator Heather Belden, our classes meet each Sunday after worship at 10:30am. This allows our children to fully participate in our weekly services. Children have an innate sense of the presence of God. The Godly Play approach helps them to explore their faith through story, to gain religious language and to enhance their spiritual experience though wonder and play. Based on Montessori principles and developed using a spiral curriculum, the Godly Play method serves children through early, middle and late childhood and beyond. Come join us!

We are excited to welcome you to an in-person season of Godly Play at Trinity Stoughton. Building on the foundation of Trinity’s established program, we have an exciting year ahead of us!
The Godly Play approach allows children to explore their faith through story, to gain religious language, and to enhance their spiritual experience through wonder and play. This unique model of “Sunday School” meets in a mixed age setting where more experienced learners and our newest members wonder and explore side by side.
Each weekly gathering includes a lesson story, a time for wondering and reflecting, a work/play session and a snack with closing prayer. Curious if this is a good fit for your kids? All are welcome to come and see Godly Play in action!

Sundays at 10:15am - Trinity Stoughton.

"Welcome to Trinity, I look forward to meeting you and your children!"
Heather Belden