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What is Advent?

What is Advent? While Advent certainly begins a new Church Year, it also grows out of the Season of the Kingdom which has alerted us to themes such as “Watching and waiting”, “being ready for Our Lord’s appearing”, ready for the coming of the King in his kingdom now.  This is not a penitential season in the same sense as Lent. However, being in a state of readiness for our Lord’s appearing will necessarily lead us into a preparation that will involve penitence and self-examination, but we will not stay there. Nor will we simply see the Advent discipline as only a lead in to the Christmas festival. You will notice a restraint in the observance of this season: we neither have flowers in Church, nor do we say the “Gloria”. We will, however, have signposts on our journey to Christmas. These will be the blessing of the Advent wreath, the weekly lighting of the Advent Candles and the blessing of the My Brother’s Christmas tree.

This is a busy time of year for everyone. ‘Tis the season to be frantic! The many demands on our time and added activities intrude on our preparations at this holy time. Waiting for Our Lord needs to be a priority. Use this brochure to help plan your Advent pilgrimage so that you may greet the Christ Child with great joy when he appears.


The Symbols of Advent

The Advent Wreath – The Advent journey begins with the blessing of the Advent Wreath. The wreath itself gives visual meaning to our Advent journey as it points us to eternity. The circular shape symbolizes the coming of the Lord, in the past in flesh, in the present in grace and in the future in glory. The evergreens are a sign of our hope of salvation.

The Four Advent Candles –The four candles represent the “light of Christ” coming progressively as each week another candle is lit. The blue candles are for repentance and conversion, the rose colored candle to remind us that the Lord is always near. One candle is lit each week. The first candle is called ‘The Prophecy Candle’ and reminds us of the hope that was offered to God’s people as they waited for the Messiah. The second candle is the candle of love, called by some ‘The Bethlehem Candle’ reminding us of the love surrounding the manger scene. The Third candle is the candle of Joy, often called ‘The Shepherds’ Candle’ and is a reminder of the joy that was theirs as they saw the infant Jesus. The fourth candle is the candle of peace, often called ‘ The Angels’ Candle’ and reminds us of the angels’ message of peace. The fifth candle, ‘The Christ Candle’, is not lit until Christmas Eve. It is the clear proclamation that, out of his great love for us, God entered the world to take on human flesh, for us and for our salvation.

Trinity Preschool celebrates it’s 50th anniversary of service to the community. For more information about our school, click the links below!

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Please feel free to call us any time at (781) 344-4592. To reach our school director, call 781-344-8030. In cases of emergency need for pastoral care, call Rev. Harry Walton at 781-883-1791

Our Facilities are available for weddings and other functions. To inquire, please call our office at 781-344-4592

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Our Rectors office hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8am to 2pm. We are located at 414 Sumner St., 1 miles south of downtown Stoughton.

Our life together as community

A message from the Rector

Welcome to Trinity! That’s what we’ll say to you when you visit us on a Sunday morning. We hope you find the words and images on this website ones that will inspire you to come worship with us. Trinity Church is a diverse community of Christians who come together from towns and cities for all around to pray, serve, learn, sing and worship in the Anglican/Episcopal tradition. Although our building is newer, much of our worship is traditional and reminds us that the Church has existed through the centuries. We hope our message and preaching strive to bring the timeless teachings of Jesus Christ into this century and speak to people’s lives today.

As priest, I hope to have the chance to welcome you personally to Trinity some Sunday soon. Although we have families who’ve been part of our congregation for a lifetime, we are also a church that is always growing and changing, reflecting the vitality of Stoughton and, indeed the greater area. So whether you’re new to the area or have lived here your whole life, whether you live 20 minutes away or two blocks away … we hope you’ll visit us soon and be moved to make this amazing parish your church home.

Blessings, Fr. Harry E Walton

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