Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Church of Stoughton​
Welcoming Community of People From All Walks Of Life
Since 1893

Please join us Sundays at 9:00am for our service of Holy Eucharist.

At Trinity Episcopal Parish in Stoughton, people discover a faith home with a family focus, and a place where there is a feeling of belonging. Every member of Trinity finds a place where they feel a sense of commitment and contentment, working together and worshiping together. 

Trinity is a place where everyone feels closer to God and to one another, experiencing Christ’s call to love God and love one another. Through our heartfelt welcoming of all who visit, Trinity offers space for people to discover their call to service through Christ.  

At Trinity, we celebrate and worship with a liturgy which is welcoming and open, yet steeped in the beauty of our Anglican and episcopal heritage. This is evident in our love of scripture, tradition, sacrament, liturgy, and social justice. 

Whether you’re familiar with either of these religious traditions, or no religious tradition at all, you will certainly feel right at home here at Trinity. We celebrate the “via-media,” the middle way between Catholicism and Protestantism – the Episcopal church at its best. 

Our music is expressive and engaging, our mission and outreach heartfelt and vital.

Our life together as community

The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

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