At Trinity, we seek to be a church that:

  • Welcomes all people, and is a church that in addition to beautiful meaningful worship provides people opportunities for outreach and service
  • Encourages collaboration with others in service to β€œthe least of these.”
  • Creates a nurturing atmosphere for personal growth and a space to support each other in all aspects of life. At Trinity, we celebrates the gifts of all who enter our doors, in every phase of the journey of their life. We welcome and appreciate the contributions of all people.
  • Nurtures and encourages an active prayer life and promotes spiritual growth in Communion with God. We offer space for honest open Christian thinking through study, reflection, and discussion, teaching people how to practice their faith in the world.
  • Offers people a worship experience which engages all of our God given senses, drawing people into meaningful prayer and worship through music, incense, candles and more.
  • Strives for justice and peace among all people; that gives our time, treasure, and talents to serve the sick, the hungry, and the poor.
  • Teaches our members to grow in their call for social justice and find ways to help the oppressed.
  • Values the rich and meaningful liturgy and worship of the Episcopal Church. Traditions that are both grounded in scripture and calling us to spread the good news through action in the world.
  • Teaches its members the importance of practicing stewardship in all aspects of peoples lives and the world around us.